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This oak tapestry frame is the perfect display option for your family tree tapestry. While made specifically for your family tree, these hanger frames can also work for posters and other fabric wall arts up to 10  inches  wide.


Each order will come with:

  • a top frame with two inserted eyelet screws and 3 partially inserted screws.
  • a bottom frame with 3 partially inserted screws
  • twine for hanging (you may substiute leather or wire if you prefer!)
  • 3 extra screws



For any comments or questions, email me at

Tapestry Hanger Frame (Non Magnetic)

Stain Color
    1. Arrange and attatch pins to your tree as desired
    2.  separate the thick pieces of wood from the thin pieces of wood compltely. 
    3. Lay the thicker section down, hole side up and eyelets pointing out.
    4. Layer the top end of the tapestry on top of the thicker wood piece, Tree side down. (you should be looking at the backing.) they eylets should be pointing away from your tapestry.
    5. Adjust the tapestry so that it is centered between the screw holes. 
    6. Lay the thinner board on top, lined up with the bottom one- holes lined up with holes. (you should have a wood an tapestry sandwich!)
    7. Gently assemble the screws. don't go too tight or they might snap!
    8. repeat on the bottom of the tapestry.
  • Only undamaged items can be returned for full reimbursment. Reimbursment will not be given until I recieve items in the mail.

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