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This hand printed and sewn olive tree tapestry is the perfect stand alone wall artwork or the beginning of your family tree visual when paired with other family tree products. (Portrait pins, frames, etc.)


How It's made

Each leaf, branch, and detail was hand carved with care before being hand printed in my at home studio on cotton muslin.  The muslin tree layer is backed with a colored piece of cotton fabric (often with a subtle design or pattern). Fabric colors and designs vary, a because I work with upcycled materials when possible to give our earth home a little extra love. :) The tapestry is then reinforced with a fabric interfacing, making it sturdy enough to hold a portrait pin for each of your family members. (see other listings for the pins.)


Why This Tree?

    I hope to eventually add other tree options, but for now I hope you enjoy the symbolism of this little olive tree. The olive tree has biblical and mythological roots symbolizing peace and healing. Additionally, the visual appearance of this olive tree with its gnarled and unpredictable branches reminds the viewer of the beauty that can be found in the imperfect and unexpected. Every family is different, with individual structures, strengths, weaknesses, cherished memories and healing scars. Unique cultures, traditions, and perspectives are passed down through each generation, and each individual family member has the opportunity to choose how and if they will continue the family patterns of the past as well as what patterns they hope to set in motion for the future. 


My family tree products are designed with individual families in mind. Whatever your family structure is, there is room here for all of your loved ones. 

  • Easily add pins as your family grows. (both in age and number!)
  • work back for as many generations as you desire, or look toward the future with "baby announcement" pins
  • include your cherished non-biological relationships: include pets, friends, role-models, or even historical figures.
  • Celebrate your non-traditional family structures or find healing through times of loss and change. 


These family trees can be customized tribute YOUR family.  All shapes, sizes, and changes welcome: Traditional families, single individuals, single parents, marriages, divorces, remarriages, birth, infertility, child loss, adoption, LGBTQ relationships, and so much more! If You don't see quite what you are looking for, please let me know so that I can make sure that your family is adequately represented.


If you have a desire to learn more about your family history, or need help getting started on your family tree, I'm happy to help!


For any comments or questions, email me at

Tree Tapestry

Backing color
  • Size: 10x14 inches

    Materials: Cotton, Muslin, Ink


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