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Paint Brushes

Art Workshops

Learn an art skill in depth

Looking to Learn a specific new skill? Art workshops can help you dive a little deeper in your artistic knowledge! Rather than all creating the same work of art, students will use exercises and open ended projects to practice specific techniques.

Possible class topics include:
  • Introduction to watercolor

  • Art Basics for Kids

  • Pen and Ink Illustration

  • Color Theory

  • Introduction to value and shading

  • How to use perspective in your art

  • Kitchen Printmaking

  • The 7 Elements of Art

  • The Elements of Design

  • Drawing inspiration from famous artists in history

  • Using artwork to convey a message

  • Zines and bookmaking

Choose the anumber of sessions that best meets your needs:
  • One day - perfect for anyone just wanting to skim the surface. 

  • Three day - Work well if your group is free for a weekend. 

  • Four week - one weekly class is great if you would like time in between classes to sharpen you skills, or if you regularly have a night during the week you are free.

  • Each Class builds on the previous class.

  • Class length is flexible. I recommend between 1 and 4 hours.


-pricing varies depending on number of sessions.

Discounts are available if attending multiple sessions.

Prices start at:

-Public classes: 20$ per person per session

- Private class 2-4 students: $25 per person per session

- Private class 5+ Students:  $15 per person per session

- Planning an event for 50 people or more? Ask me about discounts!

*Prices are for virtual classes.

On site classes may include a traveling fee.

additional supplies fees may apply.

** I often offer classes through the local community. In such cases, prices are determined by the company I am working through an with.

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