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Customize your family tree with these mini portraits! Each portrait pin is 22mm in diameter with a muslin surface and an antique bronze back. For each pin, you will receive a 3x5 summary card containing information on the individual depicted. Each pin will be based of a photo you send me.

  • Don't have a photo? Don't worry! we can work together to create your loved one's likeness. OR you can check out one of my "Generic Portrait Pin" listings to buy a generic likeness for less.
  • Need multiple pins of the SAME person? Check out my "Custom Portrait Pin REPRINT" Listing to buy these pins for less.


How It Works

  1.  Order your pin(s)
    • Select your set size in the drop down menu. (The price per pin goes down the larger the set size you get!) Mix and match sets to get the exact number you desire. 
  2. Help me get to know who I'm illustrating for your portrait pins!
    • You can fill out this form Here OR wait until I email you regarding your order. When I contact you I will ask you for information and photos for each individual i'm illustrating.
  3. I will do a digital black and white sketch of each individual, I will send them to you for your approval. I will do up to 4 total revisions if needed.
  4. Using the digital sketches as a guide I will paint and detail the images onto fabric. 
  5. Each fabric portrait will be cut out and made into a rounded pin.


My family tree products are designed with individual families in mind. Whatever your family structure is, there is room here for all of your loved ones. 

  • Easily add pins as your family grows. (both in age and number!)
  • work back for as many generations as you desire, or look toward the future with "baby announcement" pins
  • include your cherished non-biological relationships: include pets, friends, role-models, or even historical figures.
  • Celebrate your non-traditional family structures or find healing through times of loss and change. 


These family trees can be customized tribute YOUR family.  All shapes, sizes, and changes welcome: Traditional families, single individuals, single parents, marriages, divorces, remarriages, birth, infertility, child loss, adoption, LGBTQ relationships, and so much more! If You don't see quite what you are looking for, please let me know so that I can make sure that your family is adequately represented.


If you have a desire to learn more about your family history, or need help getting started on your family tree, I'm happy to help!


For any comments or questions, email me at

Custom Portrait Pin

  • Returns of customized portrait pins are accepted, but only 50% of the price payed will be reimbursed. Reimbursment will only be given after I have recieved the returned item.

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